Our Track Record On Charity Work

The Activities are organized in collaboration with SABAH INTEGRITY ALLIANCE ASSOCIATION (SINAR) – Malaysia ; and EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION (ESRO) – India


Establishment of Madrasah Al Fatih

The Madrasah Al Fatih is being developed especially in areas populated by those are marginalized and without formal education. The project is aimed at educating the entire community by providing basic education especially for children who fail to get enrolled in private or government schools due to lack of documentation as well as economically deprived.



Motivational and Counselling

The project is a center dedicated to providing motivational and counseling education to young people and the entire population involved with negative symptoms. Through these motivational and counseling centers, qualified motivational and counseling experts will be deployed to help raise awareness of the effects of community-based symptoms. By establishing these motivational and counseling centers throughout the community, it will help to reduce the level of crime indexes and help clean up the environment to be aware of crime and negative symptoms that are detrimental to society and to reduce the quality of population.


Citizenship Education (for people without Legal Documents)

The SINAR study through a number of studies in the local community has found that the major cause for citizenship problems is that many do not know about the legal and governmental policies in relation to citizenship.  The citizenship education program organized by SINAR aims to expose citizenship in line with SINAR’s goal of educating citizens towards a community of integrity; and citizenship legislation.


Tradition, Culture and Religious Education

In the face of modern trends in millennia today, people are increasingly forgetting their traditions, heritage and culture. Thus SINAR organizes programmes that facilitate preserving the traditions, heritage and culture of every race among people of diverse backgrounds.


Helping the Physically Challenged People

The project is to providing support to the Physically Challenged People. This is joint project between Edu Assist Foundation Malaysia and ESRO Foundation India. Sin the formation of the foundation , we have organized 6 major events where more that 600 physically challenged individuals were given aids